Please choose a flavor from the list below.  Note some are seasonal and may not be available upon request.

    Slices are all $5.00 each.    Whole 10 inch cheesecake prices listed below.  6 inch are $18.99 each.


Whole cheesecake prices listed below. Please call by 2:00 PM the day before for any orders.

Apple Cider -  following the hard cider trend this is the non-alcohol version                                        $42.00

Banana Caramel-  think Bananas Foster and fun                                                                                    $45.00

Brownie Bites- Oh My!- homemade brownie bites in the crust and throughout the cheesecake            $45.00

Black Forest- a new twist on a timeless classic                                                                                       $45.00

Cinnamon Roll- oh yes, full of cinnamon sugar goodness                                                                       $45.00

Dalmatian-  Oreo cookie crust with a plain cheesecake base and Oreo cookie bits throughout            $42.00

German Chocolate- chocolate, caramel and coconut goodness just like the cake                                  $45.00

Honey Lavender- infused with lavender and honey this is a pastel purple cheesecake, just beautiful to look at as well as to eat


Hot Chocolate- topped with marshmallows and chocolate drizzle this is made with hot cocoa mix in the cheesecake and a chocolate crust


Key Lime - yes, real Key Limes                                                                                                                   $45.00

Lemon-Blueberry  - and our top seller when it's available, the blueberries are infused throughout and left whole to burst in your mouth, not in the oven                                                                                 $45.00            

Maple Bacon- maple flavored bacon joins maple syrup in this favorite                                                   $45.00

Mint Chocolate Chip -


Mixed Berry swirl-                                                                                                                                      $45.00

Mocha Cappuccino- best of both worlds of chocolate and coffee dusted with Turkish coffee for that extra zing                                                                                                                               $45.00                                              

New York Crumb-   reminiscent of  coffee cake with cinnamon crumble on top                                $42.00      

Plain- or as some say "Vanilla".  Need we say more?                                                                              $40.00

Raspberry swirl- just plain scrumptious, we use fresh raspberries when possible                                      $42.00

Reece’s Cup- pure decadence loaded with Reese’s in a creamy plain base with chocolate stripes on top                                                                                                                                                              $45.00

Salted Caramel – drizzled with caramel and sprinkled with sea salt on a creamy plain cheesecake


Strawberry- fresh fruit puree blended into our cheesecake


Strawberry Kiwi – sweet and tart combined with creamy cheesecake                                                     $42.00

Toasted Coconut Cream -  coconut throughout as well as toasted on top with chocolate sauce           $45.00

Turtle- caramel, chocolate and chopped pecans top this favorite                                                           $45.00

 We welcome suggestions for flavors as well.  If you don’t see it here just ask us if we can make it. 
We DO NOT make Red Velvet or Sugar Free cheesecakes- too many chemicals
All flavors available as Gluten Free (GF) at no extra cost

45 Flavors and still creating more!

Seasonal and Special Order flavors:

Blackberry - (seasonal) whole blackberries throughout the cheesecake make this a special treat       $42.00

Caramel Apple- (seasonal) Think Apple Festival and this is what we want you to picture.                        $42.00               

Cherry - again, chocolate crust with cherry pieces floating in a creamy base ...mmmm                         $42.00

Chocolate - dark chocolate is used to infuse this dessert                                                                        $42.00

Chocolate Kahlua- this is alcohol free!                                                                                                    $45.00

Chocolate raspberry or strawberry swirl- chocolate cheesecake with fruit swirled thru


Cranberry-Orange- a perfect winter treat to blend sweet and tart fruits                                               $45.00

Eggnog (seasonal only) -   a holiday favorite made with the real deal eggnog!                                  $42.00                                                                                                                                                                                    
Ginger Bread- yes, the cookies we all love are the base for this treat                                                    $42.00

Guava Pineapple- tart with a sweet finish, a must try                                                                            $45.00

Maple Pear- maple syrup baked onto fresh pears on the top of this beauty                                               $42.00

Papaya- a tropical sweet treat                                                                                                   


Peach - (seasonal only)  peaches throughout as well as a reduction on the top- oh my!                     $45.00

Peppermint plain or chocolate (seasonal only) - this decadent cheesecake is peppermint flavored and then topped with chopped Ande's Mints when warm to just barely melt into the top


Pomegranate- antioxidant rich tartness not for the faint at heart                                                    


Prickly Pear- yes the cactus fruit without the prickles                                                           


Pumpkin - (seasonal only) the choice of crust for this makes it extra special.  You can order walnut, pecan, or gingersnap crusts- your pick.                                                


Strawberry Rhubarb- a summertime favorite for any Yankee!                                                       


Tuxedo- chocolate cheesecake on the bottom, a fruit layer, then plain cheesecake on top Yummy  $45.00